Chocolatier 3 - Decadence by Design  v.

In this game you own your chocolate factory and you must prepare different types of chocolates to sell them in the market all over the world. Control shops and factories and expand your business and buy more chocolate shops.

CT Messenger  v.2 20

No more expensive and bulky hardware ? CT Messenger 2.


GHC  v.6 8

Creating modern Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) can be a challenging and time consuming task for programmers The Jade-L Embedded Starterkit comes with an evaluation version of Fujitsu's new 'Graphic HMI Creator Version 2.0'.

Macbook Cases Toolbar  v.1.0

Macbook sleeves and cases made of real fine

Demotivalo  v.

E alkalmazás segítségével elolvashatod az összes postot, a oldalon adatforgalom baráttan. Kiválaszthatod, hogy milyen képeket akarsz megjeleníteni (letölteni). Ebben segít neked a képek alatt található like-ok,

AppDetective Premium  v.

Are you waiting for those cool apps on iPhone and Android to appear on the Windows Phone Store so you can install them on your Windows Phone? Do you search the Store now and then just to see if your favorite app, like Pandora, Draw Something,

Minty Noodles  v.

The noodle is a type of staple food made from some type of unleavened dough which is rolled flat and cut into one of a variety of shapes.

Salad Recipe  v.

Decisions, decisions. There is so much to do and so little time. So much information, not enough recomendation. The Budding Gourmet has decided to create a series of the very best recipes. Delicious, healthy and easy to make, we are taking apart

Beautiful Quarters  v.

The best US quarters app becomes FREE!!! Update in 1.1: Added the new quarter “2011 Oklahoma - Chickasaw National Recreation Area”. The beautiful quarter app brings you all three U.S. quarter programs from 1999 to today: * Statehood Quarters

Social Mints  v.

Winner of the Core77 Fast Track to the Mobile App International Design Challenge and featured at Mobile World Congress by Microsoft,

Lanier törvénytár  v.

A LANIER törvénytár alkalmazás segítségével a felhasználók elérhetik a hatályos magyar jogszabályok meghatározott körét.

MyVocabulary  v.

Tanulj nyelveket és gyakorolj útközben! Gondoltál már rá, hogy gyűrött, könnyen elkallódó lapok helyett jó volna egy helyen tudni és mindenhová magaddal vinni jegyzeteidet, az órák alatt kiírt szavakat, jelentéseket? Ha igen, a

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